Leslie Daugs on Community Policing and Transparency

I have been supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement and dealing with systemic racism. I have also visited the CHAZ/CHOP occupation in Seattle. I needed to see it for myself because there have been conflicting reports.

Leslie Daugs on the Wake Up Bainbridge Podcast

Affordable Housing, Homelessness, the Missing Middle, and what Leslie Daugs has been doing for our community.

The fight for justice, equality continues - Leslie Daugs

Upon reflection, I must sadly conclude that our freedom is on questionable grounds today. Our Constitutional rights are under attack as never before. We are in a constant fight to ensure that all people are treated equally. We are fighting each day to ensure our civil rights are being met.

Charges against Bremerton councilwoman dismissed

Charges that Bremerton City Councilwoman Leslie Daugs disrupted a U.S. Senate committee hearing on the appointment of Jeff Sessions as U.S. attorney general in January have been dismissed.ary here.

With higher densities, some fear what's ahead for Bremerton's low-income neighborhoods

The Sylvan Way and Almira Drive area is home to many low-income families. Leslie Daugs, who represents District 2, made a motion to exclude the area from the rezone.

“I hope that the decision the council has made, even though it is to move Bremerton forward, I hope in the long run we don't displace families and make homelessness a bigger issue,” Daugs said.


Bainbridge Island Review - Daugs Announces Campaign


Kitsap Sun - New Transit Station


BKAT - Inside Bremerton - 2019


International Examiner - Filipino's in US History

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